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We need and deserve the transformation of so much of our society.

"We need and deserve the transformation of so much of our society.” Becca Forsyth , NYS Poor People's Campaign.

Launch of a Multimedia Truth Commission Report from Labor Power and the 3rd Reconstruction

We’re living through an era of transformation in work and labor. Longstanding trends of decreased manufacturing and increases in service sector jobs, coupled with rapid advances in automation, have led to increasing precarity among workers. The COVID-19 pandemic caused immediate mass unemployment, but almost as quickly forced workers back into jobs with little or no additional safety precautions, expansions of healthcare coverage, or paid sick and family leave.

Last month we joined several other organizations from around the state to co-host a truth commission on labor power where we heard directly from workers and organizers about their plight, fight and insight.

"It is always good to get involved and more than anything, to listen and know that we are not alone in the struggle, that there are many people who are with us.” - Marcos Martinez, Alianza Agricola

It is with this spirit that we are excited to announce the launch of the follow-up multimedia truth commission report! The report is filled with videos, graphics, a detailed written account of the events, and various ways to take action including meeting us in Washington D.C. on June 18 2022!

We also wanted to share that our website is now available in both English and Spanish! The button to change languages is below.

Please join us in spreading the word about this truth commission report by sharing the website and/or any of the videos and graphics via social media. Be sure to tag/follow us on Twitter, Instagram and now, TikTok! If you have any questions please don't hesitate in reaching out.


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