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“There yet remains an energy, when supported with the will, that can roll back the combined and encroaching powers of tyranny and injustice.” —Frederick Douglass

Statement by Labor Religion Coalition's Digital Organizer:

I'm writing this in the midst of a COVID-19 surge, on the heels of policy failure at the federal level, and the morning after the longest night where many held vigils honoring those we've lost to policy violence and homelessness. In these moments it can feel like all is lost, but as Douglass reminds us, there remains an energy - a new unsettling force - that has the will and desire to transform this nation. This unsettling force is once again organizing. I'm speaking of course about us, the 140 million in this nation living below or right above the poverty line. Do we really know who we are? Do we fully understand what we are capable of? And then the question remains, how do we fully enact our anti-poverty programs? How do we cross these historic lines of division? How do we get the clarity and power we need to win human rights and dignity? How do we come together and win each other's hearts and minds?

One way is to tell the truth and share our stories with one another.

"We are not simply full of opinions, we are wanting to know the truth. And in some scriptural traditions, the truth is what sets you free. And that is why we're here." — Amaury Tañón-Santos, SiCM

This is why today it is an honor and responsibility to share the good news - our news. Yours and mine. The news of the 140 million in or near poverty in this country. We have good news to share! There are leaders among us who are emerging and growing. There is clarity and commitment forming all around us. Leaders from various sectors, identities, with various gifts and callings, are coming together and rising up. Here are some of their stories, struggles, and insights.

Click here to view the full report.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A collage graphic with white text on a dark background. Some words are highlighted in yellow, blue and green. Text reads “‘There are so many of us who are facing difficult choices every day. My family is part of that 140 million people in the United States who exist below the poverty line, or in that space right above it. 140 million - that is almost half of the population of our country. -REV. MOLLY DOWELL BAUM, NYSPPC, FOCUS CHURCHES’’ I have a full time job. I have a car. Still, I cannot find a permanent to place live. I'm sleeping on my friend's couch right now with a full time job. -TANER, VOCAL-NY’ ‘We have to learn and tell the truth, knowing that our culture is steeped in so many lies that deny or justify systemic racism, that blame the poor for poverty, or that claim that there isn't enough for all of us to have what we need. -REV. WEST MCNEILL, NYSPPC,’” END OF DESCRIPTION]

As you might notice the report has graphics, videos, and quotes. Let's take over social media and lift these stories up! From now till January 15th 2022 we will be releasing different graphics across our socials to amplify the leaders and their organizations, please join us.

Forward together.

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