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On Monday, February 13, you’re invited to join faith leaders, both lay and clergy, from across New York State for Religion in a Time of Crisis - a day-long convening where we will explore the possibilities and challenges of confronting the multiple crises our communities are facing. In particular, we will reflect on the rise of Christian Nationalism and our response to it, ways to connect programs that meet immediate needs to organizing and movement building, and how strengthening connections across our state can help us break down the divisions that weaken our movement. 

While the U.S. appears headed toward a deepening economic crisis and continued threats to democracy, the importance of religious leaders and communities of all faiths engaging in movements for social, racial, and economic justice is increasing.

On the one hand, the moral and spiritual formation that we do in our congregations and in the public sphere is especially critical as religious extremism- particularly in the form of Christian nationalism - has increasing sway in our culture and politics.

At the same time, many of our ministries and programs put us in direct contact with those most impacted by our unjust and unequal economic system. As we provide food, clothing, shelter, and other practical support, we see firsthand the contradiction of poverty in the midst of plenty.

Religious communities’ positions as moral/spiritual leaders and hosts of “projects of survival” can enable us to play a powerful role in building a movement to end poverty and transform our society — if we choose to orient ourselves toward that task.

We hope you'll join us and our partners at the Kairos Center for an engaging day of learning and discussion as we continue to imagine and work toward a more just state, nation and world for all. Click here for more information and to register.

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